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Stamperia D'arte Berardinelli

Via S. Maria In Organo, 5 , 37129 Verona - Italy

The company started the activity in 1971. It worked with contemporary artist using various technical arts: screen printing, litography and etch.

During the following years the company started an editorial activity and went to many nationals and internaltionals exhibitions: Saga Parigi, Artefiera Bologna, Dusseldorf, Sollentuna Stoccolma.

The first editions were created by authors with different tendencies: abstractionists, constructivist, conceptualists, trans-vanguard and pop art.

Some names: Reggiani, Rho, Radice, Del Pezzo, Dorazio, Boys, Nan Jium Pike, Breckt, Paladino, Rotella, Chia, Tilson, Benati, Jim Dine and others ...

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    Stamperia D'arte Berardinelli
  • Last name
    Teo Berardinelli
  • Address
    Via S. Maria In Organo, 5 , 37129 Verona
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