Asger Jorn / Sommerleg (Summer Games) Angeboten von Forlaget Cordelia - Hans Moestrup

Asger JORN - Sommerleg (Summer Games)

Angeboten von Forlaget Cordelia - Hans Moestrup

  • Jahr
  • Technik
  • Bildmaße
    60,0 x 43,0 cm / 23.6 x 16.9 in
  • Blattmaße
    65,0 x 48,0 cm / 25.6 x 18.9 in
  • Auflage
  • Preis
    Auf Anfrage
  • Referenz
    Van de Loo 75
  • Besuch(e)
  • Zustand
Asger JORN - Sommerleg (Summer Games)

Original colourlithograph 1944. One of the first lithographic editions by Jorn, that for some reason was never numbered but only inscribed "Prøvetryk) (Trial proofs) and dated and signed in pencil. Small damages along the paperedges as the lithograph has been framed bending the edges around the glass as was the practice in the 40's, but the lithograph is otherwise in extraordinarily fine condition, (better than the copy illustrated in van de Loo) with very strong and vibrant colours. The most beautiful copy I have ever seen of this extremely rare lithograph

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